Innerspace Explorers - Basics of Exploration (Tec)

Innerspace Explorers - Basics of Exploration (Tec)

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The Innerspace Explorers  Basics of Exploration TEC is a class dedicated to cultivating comfortable, competent, and confident divers that do not impact the environment while diving.

The course is designed to maximize aquatic fun and safety. This course is also to prepare them for continuation in ISE technical, cave, and wreck courses.

During the course, we will be focusing on building solid foundational skills, so that you will be able to easily continue and understand future courses, without the need to spend a great amount of time fixing or improving foundational knowledge.

During the course we will focus on;

-Use of a twin set

-Use of a bottom stage

-Triox (30/30)


We will also have a big focus on buoyancy, trim, and propulsion techniques.

Note; completion of this course does not allow decompression dives, and the instructor's travel/accommodation and gas costs are not included in the price.